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Alcoholism can have many faces but when we might suffer because of such addiction?


- Alcoholism at a very young age- children and young people are far more susceptible to the effects of various types of addictions and they much faster fall into them. Most often the disease is characterized by an accelerated process of destructive and after 2-3 years leads to a strong addiction. In result such addiction might effect by personality disorders and lack of higher emotionality or primitivism behavior. In the youthful age of alcohol dependence it is much more dangerous than the elderly and we have to remember about that.



- Chronic alcoholism- usually this type of addiction is identified after a cursory observation. People that suffer from chronic alcoholism have a red swollen face, bloodshot eyes, bloated obesity or emaciation, trembling hands and vomiting morning's. Treatment of ill at such advanced stages of addiction might be very complained and required lots of strength from patient that could be not emotionally stable, feel pain, painful peripheral nerves, inability to focus thoughts, irritability and dementia.

- secondary alcoholism- is a return to drinking after a long break due to abstinence or treatment of alcoholism. Often break in the use of alcohol is caused by the inability of drinking as a result of illness.



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