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Until recently it was believed that alcohol addiction is impossible to cure. Currently the level of medicine is so high that through effective combination of psychotherapy and pharmacology of complete cure is possible.



Phase of addiction therapy


1. In the case of addiction treatment distinguish the initial phase, which is the therapeutic work. Therapeutic work is primarily to convince the patient to reduce alcohol consumption or completely stop drinking.

During the initial phase patient should be supported and motivated. Of course, it will not be easy, because addiction is not only the issue of mental but also physical.

During the initial phase strengthens the ability on dealing with craving. You can among other things, extend the period of abstinence.



2. After the initial phase, the stage of primary, during which begins work on the recognition by the patient of his problem. The patient should during the primary phase of the ability to acquire new skills, should recognize the problems underlying their addiction. Most often during this step is necessary to change lifestyle to one that is more pro-health and not just to stop drinking, but also for be on a healthy diet and sleep enough. The final phase of treatment always gives hope for a full recovery.