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Treatment of addiction is to a large extent on the use of appropriate therapy. Competent center engaged in similar activities can be found on page



Kamil, therapist of alcohol addiction: 'While process of alcohol treatment I primarily use the appropriate therapy. I usually try to approach each problem individually. I remember that I have to deal with people with different characters and past experiences. The personal interview is an excellent way to reach the patient. Unfortunately, sometimes patients are too locked up in itself. In such a situation, it is necessary treatment group. Why treatment group can bring good results? It is all about this feeling that person that is addicted is not alone. There are other people that have to deal with similar situations and they also fight for better life without alcohol. They fight for happy family life and motivation to the future without addiction. The treatment group is organize in teams, in which patients are on the same level when it comes to the severity of the disease. As a result, their situation is very similar. Thanks to the participation in such meetings the patient begins to see himself in a different way. Another method of treatment is also pharmacology. It is used mainly when the patient is in very poor condition and only chemical specific support can help him. Each of the methods can be used individually but can also be mixed with each other, just about that time to get to the addicted person.