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Good morning,

I am writing to you because it has really hurt my leg, it was rushing, searing pain, at the beginning it was a pain in the thigh, and then spread across the entire leg. Today I noticed that on the leg also appeared red pimples, like a little chicken pox. Very itches and hurts leg, what do I do? Please help.


Maria T.


Mrs. Mario,

Please immediately go to the doctor. Symptoms, which you wrote indicate that sick lady shingles. Although the disease is usually ascends the trunk, there are cases that occur on the legs, arms or face. It is caused by the same virus that is responsible for chickenpox. If the described symptoms accompanied by fever or symptoms suggestive of a cold, the more certain you can be that we are talking about shingles.


I warmly welcome,

I am writing to you because I have long tired me a problem that makes every morning I wake up not refreshed. Namely, in the night I feel muscle contractions in the shoulder, making it notoriously wake up. Sleeping pills do not work, because the cramps and so wake me up at night, or is it some advice?


Marek Kasowicz


Mr. Mark,


Described by Mr. symptoms indicate the myoclonus that is independent of the will of the violent and sudden muscle contractions. Lord touched disorder known as restless legs syndrome, although in your case it relates to the upper limbs. Please check with your doctor, he will recommend you probably taking levodopa, which will help get rid of the problem.

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