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Preventing disease should be commonplace

Health is invaluable, it cannot be bought for any money so instead treat diseases that appear worth perpetuate themselves in healthy habits and take care of them before any medical conditions.

Preventive health - care actions aimed at early detection and treatment of diseases, it will take them more dangerous form, is also a production of healthy habits that allow you to eliminate the risk of many diseases. Prevention is one of the important departments of medicine. We are talking about several phases of preventive health care, they are:

1. Early Prevention - its main task is to promote a healthy lifestyle and rejection in patients’ healthy habits.

2. Primary prevention - is to prevent the emergence of diseases by eliminating factors that can lead to their formation.

3. Secondary prevention - prevents disease through early detection and rapid uptake of treatment.


4. Prevention Phase III - is designed to inhibit the development of the disease and up to limit the risk of complications.

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